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How do I re-export a Payment?

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The application has a fail safe to prevent users from accidental exporting a Voucher to Quickbooks multiple times. Once a user has exported and marked a voucher as paid the voucher is then unable to proceed with any further modifications or exports. If a user attempts to export a paid invoice the export will process no data and come out blank.


To re-export a payment first navigate to the Voucher page located under the Transactions category ipaid_filter_vouchersn the navigation menu left of any page in the application.


To help filter the results further you can click the arrow next to the Voucher sub-category to bring up a status list for invoices. Select the
status to only show invoices that are paid and need to be re-exported.



After applying the paid status filter click the ‘Edit‘ link next to the Voucher.



From the edit form navigate to the bottom of the page and click the ‘Re-Export‘ button.

This will place the invoice back into the Approved status and allow further modification to take place alongside the ability to re-export to Quickbooks.

For more information on exporting process see How to export to Quickbooks.

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